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Australian Author Luce D’Amore is passionate about seeing people healed, restored, reconnect to themselves, others and their Source to fulfil their Higher Purpose. These insights come from her personal experience, counselling others and her own spiritual journey. The journey has been long and hard with little understanding from those around her.  It’s out of this journey that her passion to see others find healing, reconnection and freedom has come. This book is a gift to those that are struggling and those that seek to understand them.

I’m sure you’d like to know who I am, what I do and what I eat for breakfast. By the way it’s not kangaroo or crocodile! What I really want you to know is that Love has restored my heart, my desire to live and my desire to connect with humanity again! My pen name means Light of Love and it’s a tribute to my Italian heart that has been restored. Have you heard Andrea Bocelli sing! He embodies it well. I’m still growing into that full expression! There’s so much depth in those that have had a lot to overcome. It’s our story not just mine ” To return to Love”.

Luce D’Amore

Artist / Author